Mother, Grandmother, Artist, Environmental Educator and Storyteller

Master Applied Science – Social Ecology

Brought up in West Africa, educated in Denmark, England and the West Indies, I arrived in Australia at 19.

As a community artist I have worked with Aboriginal communities, people with disabilities, the young and the old. I love and value the extraordinary diversity amongst the people of this world.

I believe ‘the Arts’ are vital to finding creative solutions to ecological, economic, health and social issues.

For seven years I was wildlife artist and educator for Taronga & Western Plains Zoos. I also ran an ecological interpretive business consulting to many large organisations including National Parks and Wildlife, Sydney Water, Waste Services NSW and a number of Sydney’s Council’s.

An award winning sculptor I have artworks in international venues, including a sandstone and boulder opal interpretation of Australia for Cadbury Schweppes head office in Singapore.

In the process of undertaking another Masters this time of Arts – Communication and Cultural Performance I have a personal commitment to following my ‘life purpose dream’ of creating an ‘Eco Maze’ on every continent.

A few years ago affected by 12 powerful deaths, in quick succession I saw the need for a book of people’s stories explaining the surprising benefits when we openly embrace rather than fear death. The book also provides practical support information on requirements people find themselves needing to know. ‘The Intimacy of Death & Dying’ was published by Allen & Unwin and launched at the Byron Bay Writers Festival in Australia in August 2009.

I see an important link between our human discomfort with death and the damage we inflict on other creatures and the Earth.

I use my writing, artwork, teaching and creativity to encourage others to trust their own creativity and look for creative solutions. To help others realise how much they have to offer the world, and to recognise, value and be grateful for the exquisite gifts that lie within every one of our lives.