There are a number of books that have made a real impact on my life and I would like to share some of them with you. Janise Beaumont’s is one

In Search of Angels  - True Stories of Beauty & Hope 

Extract from the begining of Janise’s book:

‘Eight years ago I was feeling very low indeed, and unable to see the light in any direction. it was one of those bleak times that come along for each of us occasionally – and so upset, anxious and worried was I about my circumstances that I was actually paralysed with fear. You know the feeling? I saw myself as a failure in every area of my life, doubting that what I regarded as my dodgy prospects were likely to ever bring about much of a recovery…

Do you know that feeling too? Happiness doesn’t stand a chance.

And then out of the blue one day I thought of a lovely woman I know vaguely. We weren’t close, but I wondered if she’d mind me inviting myself to go and chat with her about the mess I was in, because desperation had taken hold.

‘Come on over,’ she said warmly.

During our life-affirming conversation she gave me a little picture book about angels…

She told me: ‘I now know that if a good person holds out a hand, take it.’

So here was someone else shouting from the rooftops that WE ARE NOT ALONE. The clouds had well and truely lifted from my life, and the way back from desolation had begun with the simple gift of a little angel picture book….

My own experience with an angel is in Janise ‘s book on page 185  entitled ‘From Hopelessness to Joy’. Do get a copy of Janise’s book to inspire you and help you through those moments of doubt, everyone goes through.